How to transport heavy machinery?

transport heavy machinery

Maritime transport is one of the safest means of transporting heavy machinery throughout the world. Many companies and industries have relied on this form of transportation to carry their large tools safely and reliably across the seven seas.

For all sailors, this article will answer the questions of: how maritime transport works, why it is so safe and what are the reasons that make it the best ally to transport heavy machinery.

How does heavy machinery maritime transport work?

It is no surprise that the machinery transported by sea can be about 23 times heavier than a regular car. However, maritime transport offers a safe and reliable way to carry it.

The machinery is placed on a special platform that is designed to withstand the movement of the ship and protect the cargo from bad weather conditions.

In addition, maritime transport offers great flexibility when it comes to the size of machinery. Regardless of the machinery size, or in other words: regardless of its weight and dimensions, maritime transport is a highly flexible medium to carry oversized machinery from one corner of the globe to another.

The machinery usually does not have any problems when it comes to customs clearance as well. The machinery is placed on the ship, it arrives at its destination port and then goes through customs clearance as per usual.

Also, an experienced company like FMT Yacht Transport is well connected in every known port so clearance process goes through smoother.

What are the reasons that make maritime transport a great ally for heavy machinery?

The machinery can get damaged if some precautions or conditions aren’t met during transportation. However, machinery transported by sea is safe and sound thanks to the machinery platform that better withstands rough winds and weather conditions.The machinery can prevent damage if it has been properly secured during transportation. Machinery size matters a lot less than with land-based means of transportation such as rail.

There’s no need to worry about machinery being damaged by the weather conditions unless you are planning on transporting machinery from a tropical country in subzero temperatures, but even then there are regulations to maintain the equipment safe.

All in all, maritime transport is a safe, reliable and highly flexible medium of transportation for heavy machinery. So, if you are looking to transport your machinery worldwide, consider maritime transport with FMT Yacht Transport as one of your preferred options!

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