Preparing Your Boat for Hurricane Season 2022

It is a good idea to prepare your boat for hurricane season. You need to make sure that the boat is in a safe location, and you should also take steps to secure it.

The NOAA forecasted 6 to 10 hurricanes this 2022, and you should get your boat out of the water, if possible. If you can’t get it out of the water, then you need to make sure that it is securely tied down. You will also consider hiring a specialized boat service to help you if you can’t keep an appropriate track of weather to protect your boat, or have to focus on other properties for any reason.

What to do before a hurricane strikes:

Whether you’re storing your boat indoors or outdoors, make sure it’s adequately covered and stored. A strong hurricane warning could mean the difference between getting your boat back in tip-top shape and having to buy a new one. Now that you still have time, make a to-do list and contact us for the safety of your investment. Many people are taking the time to check their insurance policies and make sure they have the necessary coverage, to fulfill their marine contract obligations.

A good idea is to take care of your boat once the hurricane has passed. The hurricanes will often cause some damage to boats that are on the water, so it might be best to get them off the water.

We’ll load your boat and transport it to our hurricane-proof storage units. We provide this storage service to all our clients annually and have been securing their crafts for years. We only provide this service for our clients if you reserve it in advance. This way it will be safe until this hurricane season ends.

We know that your family and yourself have to be safe, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure this, while we take care of your luxurious investment.

Every hurricane season has shown us that boats stored on land and in indoor dry storage are safer during a hurricane than boats kept on the marina. Coordinate the hauling, storing, and transporting of your boat in advance to have a safe place to store it.

Work in prevention, not consequences, and contact us if you need complete assistance for your boat, yacht, or load this season.